Last Sunday, in Fort Worth, Hung Nguyen died around 2 a.m. after being involved in a seven-car collision on the bridge from the southbound East Loop 820 to eastbound East Freeway (Interstate 30), due to icy road conditions.

While standing next to his 2001 Honda and inspecting for any damage to his vehicle from the earlier crash, Nguyen and his car were struck by an on-coming vehicle that pushed Nguyen over the barrier, where he fell several hundred feet to the freeway below.

Police said that the pileup occurred due to icy conditions on the bridge, which initially caused two cars to collide after which a tow truck stopped to assist them. Nguyen’s Honda subsequently ran into the back of the tow truck while a black car crashed into Nguyen’s vehicle. With Nguyen outside his vehicle, he was struck by the sixth car which was then struck by a seventh car.

In Arlington, Texas police have stated that icy road conditions were also most likely a factor in the death of Paul Travis Smith, 36. That accident involved two 18-wheel tractor-trailers on Interstate 30 at Fielder Road.

In total, Fort Worth police reported 44 accidents on Sunday between midnight and 10 a.m. compared to 14 for the previous week, during the same time period.

In Dallas, 144 car wrecks were reported on city streets from midnight to 10 a.m. and 140 reported on freeways.

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