Summer has begun and for many teens that means no school and the joys of freedom. However, summer is a particularly dangerous season for teenagers and car accidents. Surveys show that teens engage in more risky driving behaviors during the summer than during the school year. These risky behaviors lead to more teens being killed in car accidents during summer months than other times of the year.

During the summer, teens do almost 50 percent more driving, on average, than during the school year, which of course can lead to more accidents. Teens are also more likely to stay out later and to drive late at night than during the school year. About a quarter of teen deaths in car accidents occur between the hours of 9 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Teenage drivers typically drive more with other teens in their vehicles during the summer, which has been proven to be much more risky than driving alone or with another adult. Teens can be a huge distraction for one another while driving, which is why many states have changed their laws regarding who can be in the car with teens while they are driving.

Unfortunately, more teens are killed in car crashes, on average, in July than in any other month of the year. June, September and August are also months in which more teens are typically killed in car accidents than others. If you are the parent of a teen driver, take action. Set limits about the hours in which your teen is allowed to drive and who’s allowed to ride with your teen. Talk to teens about the dangers of drug or alcohol use while driving.

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