Terrible Car AccidentCar accident statistics in Texas are astounding, even when you take into account the size of the state and how many people travel on its roads every day. In 2012 alone, 3,399 people died on Texas roads, an increase of 10.82% from 2011. The Barber Law Firm would like to share some of the sobering numbers in hopes that you may be a little extra careful the next time you get behind the wheel. If you ever need a personal injury lawyer because you or someone close to you has been hurt in this type of accident, we’re ready to help.

The Awful Numbers

The Texas Department of Transportation, or TXDOT, compiles car accident statistics for the state on a yearly basis. Again, the numbers are staggering. For instance, in 2012, 87,o87 people were seriously hurt in vehicle accidents in 2012. To put that in some perspective, the Dallas suburb of Allen only had 84,246 total residents as of the 2010 Census. There were 1,892 fatalities in rural areas, which accounted for 55.7% of the state total. Single-vehicle, run-off-the-road accidents resulted in 1,315 deaths.

There were 838 fatalities that either occurred in intersections or were related to an intersection in some way, and 533 people died in head-on crashes. Not a single day went by in 2012 without at least one person dying on a Texas road in 2012.

Protect Yourself in Case of an Accident

We obviously hope you never become part of these horrible car accident statistics in Texas. However, if you or a loved one is ever involved in this type of occurrence, make sure you have the expert legal representation you need by getting in touch with one of the Dallas attorneys with The Barber Law Firm as quickly as possible. Contact us by calling 972-525-2550 so that we can let you know how we may be able to help. You can also go to one of our social media sites listed below to read the experiences of others who have been affected by accidents on the road.