Dealing with very large tractor trailers on the highways surrounding Dallas can be a headache. When a much smaller vehicle is involved in a collision with a tractor trailer, typically the results are tragic for the driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle. Tractor trailers are so large that anything in their way can get destroyed in an accident.

However, if you follow a few simple safety tips, you can greatly reduce the odds you will ever end up in an accident with a semi-truck. First, pay careful attention to the truck’s turn signals. When you see the truck’s turn signal, get out of its way as soon as possible. Trucks can’t stop or maneuver as easily as smaller vehicles, so if you see a truck needs to get over, assume that it needs to get over now.

Try to avoid passing a tractor trailer on the right. There’s a good reason the truck is in the left lane. It may be passing a slower vehicle, or there could be an obstacle on the road. If the truck is on surface streets, the truck may be in the left lane in order to make a tight right turn, and if you swerve into the right lane, the truck may not see you.

Also, leave a large gap between your vehicle and the truck. If you see that there is a large space between the truck and the vehicle in front of the truck, don’t try to squeeze in that space. There’s a reason the space is there – it’s so the truck doesn’t have to slam on its brakes when the vehicle stops or slows down. You should also remember that your vehicle can be very hard for large trucks to see. Don’t assume that the driver has seen you – maybe he or she hasn’t.

If you follow some basic safety maneuvers when sharing the roads with tractor trailers, your odds of being in an accident are greatly reduced. If you have been in an accident with a tractor trailer or a semi-truck in the Dallas area, call the Dallas tractor trailer accident attorneys at the Barber Law Firm at 866-986-1529. You may have a legal right to compensation.