Nothing can be scarier for some parents than when their children start driving. Driving an automobile that weighs thousands of pounds at high rates of speed down city streets can be terrifying. Even if your child is a responsible driver, there are other negligent and distracted drivers on the streets that can cause an accident.

The good news is that the number of teens dying in automobile accidents has declined a great deal over the past 40 years, in part both to education, changes in driving policies, and improved safety features in cars. Despite the huge improvements, car crashes are still the number one cause of death and serious injury among teenagers.

There aren’t any steps that you, as a parent, can take to completely guarantee your child’s safety. This is true of any driver on the roads. There are many things you can do that will encourage your child to drive safety, however. Consider enrolling your teen in a driver’s ed class. Even if you are a great teacher, your child will probably learn additional tips in a class, and the class can help on your car insurance rates. You should forbid your child from using a cell phone while driving. There are apps that can ensure that the phone is not in use while the vehicle is in motion.

You can also consider entering into an agreement with your child about driving, which will include not driving with anyone who has been drinking, always wearing a seatbelt, rules about riding with friends, and distances and times of day that driving is allowed. A contract can help enforce in your teen’s mind how serious driving is.

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