Many people who undergo dental work or dental surgery in the United States have major complaints after the surgery, including that the work wasn’t performed correctly or was very painful. If the problems are particularly bad, many of those people may harbor fantasies about suing the dentist.

If your dentist commits malpractice, the dentist can be sued. Dentists are medical professionals and have a duty to use a high standard of care when treating their patients. If they fail to use that high standard of care, and their mistakes hurt a patient, the patient can sue for malpractice. Recently, a Swedish woman swallowed a drill during a dental procedure and ended up lodged in her lungs. A doctor was able to remove the drill, but it took her a month to recover.

According to statistics, up to 45 percent of medical malpractice claims have to do with a dental procedure. The most common type of dental claim relates to a procedure that led to an injury in a patient. The most common types of injuries related to dental procedures include fractured jaws, facial scars, infections, nerve damage, and loss of teeth. The second most common type of dental claim relates to an error in diagnosis.

One potential problem in bringing malpractice claims against dentists is that usually dental mistakes don’t lead to the same types of major medical problems as mistakes of other doctors. Therefore, the value of the claim against the dentist is typically lower, and medical malpractice cases can be expensive to bring. In some cases where only mild damage occurred, it may not be worth the expense of bringing the lawsuit.

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