I’m so sorry to hear about the fire. Burns can be extremely traumatic to the victim, not only because they are so painful and difficult to heal from, but also because of the physical damage they can inflict on the victims. Fires can leave physical and emotional scars that may never go away. If you were harmed in a fire that was caused by a negligent property manager, a workplace fire, a poorly designed product, or a negligent homeowner, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries from the insurance companies involved. Unfortunately, in many cases burn victims may run into resistance when attempting to make a claim. 

There are some common scenarios in which a person is injured in a fire in which another person or entity is responsible for the damages. They can include:

– An apartment owner or manager fails to take necessary safety precautions to keep tenants safe, such as installing working smoke alarms or making sure the building is wired according to code,

– A smoke alarm company fails to properly design and/or manufacture operating smoke alarms, resulting in the alarms failing to notify people when a fire has broken out, 

– A company manufactures a product that fails, such as an extension cord with a short in it, that results in a fire, 

– An employer fails to follow the appropriate safety standards in the workplace, resulting in a fire. 

In any of these situations, the victim should speak with an attorney. The burn victim may have legal rights he or she have not considered. In addition, insurance companies are notorious for pressuring accident victims to settle for less than that to which they are entitled. 

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