Tragically, three Boy Scouts were killed in a freak boating accident on a lake east of Dallas. The
boys were sailing on a catamaran on the Lake O’ The Pines when the sailboat struck an
overhanging power line. The other Boy Scouts were at a campsite, and they could tell there was
an emergency. Within minutes, a Boy Scout leader reached the boat, but two of the boys had
already died.

The third boy was immediately transported to the hospital, but he died two days later. It was
unclear why the power line was overhanging the water so closely. The manager of the electric
company announced that the company was working to determine what happened.
Sadly, in most cases in which power lines come into contact with people, the results are
catastrophic. In many cases, the harm is through no fault of the individual – faulty power lines or
faulty electrical equipment may be to blame. Electric companies have the duty to inspect and
maintain their property in order to keep the public safe. In many cases, electrocutions occur
because the electric company failed to properly exercise those duties.

Normally, in order to hold an electric company liable for an electrocution, you must be able to
prove that it breached its duty to the public and that the breach of duty was the cause of the
plaintiff’s injuries. The victim (or his or her family) can normally obtain compensation for
medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

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