Wrongful Accident JudgeHere at The Barber Law Firm we take pride in representing those that have suffered injuries in a wrongful accident due to another persons negligence. A Dallas accident attorney works with clients that are involved in a wide range of accident types, whether they involve vehicles, pedestrians, workplace environments, defective products, bicycles, and much more. Government studies indicate that over half of all bike accidents are the fault of other drivers, with the most common cause being motorists that violate a cyclist’s right of way.

Cities across the United States are increasingly adding bike sharing programs that allow people to use public bikes for daily use. These bikes are kept locked in permanent street stations, where they are released when one makes a returnable monetary deposit. Programs have varied in popularity and success, but are likely to be a growing presence across the US.

The Unexpected Personal Injury Risk Associated with Bike Sharing

While more bikes on the road can obviously contribute to more bicycle accidents, cities like New York are experiencing an entirely unexpected wrongful accident problem—the stations themselves. At least three personal injury claims have been filed against the city due to injuries that pedestrians received from walking into the permanent bike stations.

Personal injury plaintiffs and critics of the bike sharing program claim that the rental stations placed on sidewalks create a safety hazard. Critics suggest that the stations are sometimes difficult to see on busy streets, and that weather conditions can also camouflage the stations from a pedestrians’ view, creating a risk for wrongful accident. The fact that most people who rent bikes don’t wear helmets has also been met with criticism, as most fatal bike accidents involve cyclists that are not wearing head protection. For more information on bicycle safety and legal rights, please call The Barber Law Firm at 972-525-2550.