A Baylor student was killed while bicycling with his girlfriend last weekend. The 19 year old student was struck by a vehicle that was traveling at high speed. The driver then fled the scene. The student’s girlfriend was not harmed, but did witness the accident.

Unfortunately, this tragic bicycle accident is just one of many deadly bicycle accidents that will occur in Texas this year. Cyclists face a number of dangers while riding on city streets and bicycle paths. If a bicycle accident occurs because of the negligence of an automobile driver, the injured cyclist is entitled to compensation for damages, which includes medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

In some bicycle accident cases, more than one party has contributed to the accident, which can make it difficult to determine who should be held financially liable. It’s important that if you have been injured in a Dallas-Fort Worth bicycle accident, you speak with a qualified Dallas bicycle accident attorney who can help you obtain compensation for your accident. An experienced attorney can help investigate, including by speaking to eyewitnesses, retrieving evidence from the scene, and hiring experts who can help recreate the scene.

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