In today’s world, travel by air is a frequent occurrence for many people. It’s also one of the safest forms of travel. However, aviation accidents do occur, and the results can be horrific. It’s very rare that an airliner is involved in an accident, but crashes involving smaller aircraft and helicopters are not uncommon.

There are many factors that can be involved in an aviation accident, such as poor maintenance of an aircraft, mechanical defects, pilot error and air traffic controller error. Determining what caused the accident is crucial in an aviation accident, since there are so many different parties involved – the pilot, the airline, the air traffic controllers, the airport and the aircraft manufacturer.

Aviation accidents can involve a variety of laws, both state and federal. In theU.S., both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are responsible for overseeing aviation law. The FAA is in charge of the enforcement of aviation-related laws, as well as the oversight of the manufacture, operation and maintenance of all aircraft. The NTSB investigates all accidents that occur and recommends changes in safety procedures for aviation.

Aviation accidents can hurt not only those riding in an airplane or helicopter, but also those on the ground when an accident occurs. One common example is an air show. For example, in 2011 11 people were killed at an air show inReno,Nevadawhen an airplane crashed into the stands.

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