Earlier this week, a seven-car pileup occurred in Dallas that was believed to have been a result of illegal racing and alcohol consumption. Tragically, two people were killed and three were sent to the hospital.

The accident happened on I-35E in Oak Cliff. A witness saw a Chevrolet Chevelle and another car begin racing on the interstate. Another car, which was not a party to the race, accidentally hit a guardrail and ran into the racing Chevelle. The Chevelle then rear-ended a tractor trailer, which almost split the tractor trailer in two. That caused a chain reaction which caused seven vehicles to become involved.

Two people in the Cadillac were killed. Three others were injured. According to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, one person who was racing, the driver of the Chevelle, was hospitalized and arrested for criminally negligent homicide. The authorities also believe alcohol was involved. The authorities also believe the other car that was racing got away.

Two of the biggest causes of automobile accidents are speeding and alcohol. To combine the two on a busy city interstate can lead to tragedy, as illustrated in this story. Unfortunately, not everyone uses good judgment while operating a motor vehicle. The best thing most drivers can do is to buckle up, drive offensively, and be aware of other vehicles that could be operating unsafely.

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