If you have been involved in an accident with a tractor trailer in Addison, you likely have a lot on your mind – recovering from the accident, paying your expenses, and getting back on your feet again. You are probably angry about the accident, and you may feel alone and defeated. You likely are not thinking about the complexities involved in filing a claim against the parties responsible for your accident.

Most accidents involving tractor trailers in Addison are preventable, and often drivers are not the only party responsible for the accident. The tractor trailer may not have been properly maintained or manufactured. The truck driver may have been overworked and exhausted or not properly trained. Other vehicles on the road may have contributed to the accident.

After an accident involving a commercial truck, you are likely focused on your recovery and rehabilitation. However, the employer of the truck driver involved in the accident is speaking to an attorney in preparation for your claim. They may try to deny liability for the accident, and may try to trick you into giving up your rights.

Instead, hire a dedicated law firm that can represent your needs and interests after your accident. Having an attorney on your side who can truly represent your needs and interests will better allow you to focus on what matters – getting better so that you can move on with your life. An attorney can help properly investigate the case, determine which parties to file claims against, value your case appropriately, and build a strong case that can be used if you end up in court.

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