If you have been injured while you were a guest on someone else’s property in Addison, you may have the legal option of pursuing a premises liability lawsuit. Under Texas law, a property owner is responsible for providing a safe environment for any guests on the property. If you have suffered personal harm because of the failure of a property owner – either a person or a business – to keep their property safe, you should contact an Addison premises liability attorney.

Premises liability is the legal responsibility of a property owner to take reasonable steps to prevent injuries on the property. When an accident occurs, an investigation should be performed to determine whether the property owner knew or should have known about the hazard that caused the injury. Some common examples of accidents that occur that fall under the area of premises liability include slip and fall accidents or trip and fall accidents, structural defects, drowning accidents, inadequate security on the premises, and more.

In order to recover compensation for your premises liability accident, you must be able to prove that the negligence of an individual or a company is responsible for your accident. Simply proving that you were injured at another’s home or business is not enough to recover compensation. The burden is on the injured party to show that a property owner’s negligence caused an accident. An attorney can help gather the evidence that is needed to win a premises liability case.

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